Born in Vienna in 1975, Patric studied fashion design in Paris, then film editing at INSAS film school in Brussels. He lives and works in Paris.  His short films and documentaries have been selected in a variety of film festivals. In 2009 he directed his first feature film, DOMAINE, starring Béatrice Dalle, which premiered at the Mostra di Venezia. In 2014 he directed his second feature film, a comedy, BOYS LIKE US. In 2016 he directed his third feature film, a documentary, BROTHERS OF THE NIGHT, which premiered at the Berlinale/Panorama.








FILMS (selcetion)


2016     Brothers of the Night documentary, 88 min.

             WILDart FILM (Vienna)

                        premiere: Berlinale/Panorama.


2014     Boys like us fiction, 90 min.

              Aurora Films (Paris) & WILDart FILM (Vienna)


2012     Sol LeWitt documentary, 24 min.

              Centre Pompidou (Metz) & M-Museum (Leuven)


2009     Domaine fiction, 110 min.

              Aurora Films (Paris) & WILDart FILM (Vienna)

                      starring Béatrice Dalle, nominated for the Prix Louis Delluc 2010, Venice / Critics’ Week


2007     0ù se trouve le chef de la prison ? fiction, 18 min.

                     Aurora Films (Paris), award « Janine Bazin » - Belfort/Entrevue


2006     Home fiction, 50 min.

              Aurora Films (Paris) & WILDart FILM (Vienna)

              press award & prix Emergence - Pantin/Côté Court


2005     Les Messieurs (Die Herren) documentary, 52 min.

              Kinoko Films (Paris)


2004     Casa Ugalde fiction, 20 min.

             Kinolo Films (Paris)